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‘Matchmaking and speed-dating’ brings scientists together.

‘Matchmaking and speed-dating’ brings scientists together.

A small grouping of neuroscientists has organised a digital seminar including an ‘online dating’ system.

The international research community is finding alternative ways of getting together to present their work, exchange ideas, and make new connections with like-minded people in their area with academic conferences cancelled worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This week, Dr Dan Goodman and peers through the University of Pennsylvania are going to be hosting neuromatch — a free, web-based « unconference » for neuroscientists. Along with online presentations from invited speakers, the function features a computer-assisted online-networking element, adjusted through the mind-matching sessions which can be a current function associated with the intellectual Computational Neuroscience (CCN) seminar. ”

« a serious conferences that are few current talks online » says Dan, « but that only captures a number of the meeting experience. A important component is fulfilling brand new individuals and beginning brand brand brand new collaborations. « 

The mind-matching system utilizes abstracts of submitted research papers, and applies device learning algorithms, to immediately match individuals for a number of 15-minute one-to-one chats — which Dan defines as a little like educational speed-dating.

“The matching algorithm functions by finding sets of researchers whom utilize comparable terms and combinations of terms to explain their research, and excluding pairs whom know already one another. Allowing it recommend meetings that are new individuals who usually do not know one another, but should really, according to their research interest. ”

He had been really impressed using the real-life version at CCN. « It worked very well. As an example, i came across two different people have been doing extremely projects that are similar me personally — but none of us knew one another. «